3 Email Marketing Automation Messages Every Business Should Use

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3 Email Marketing Automation Messages Every Business Should Use

Email marketing automation is a powerful technique for that every business should be utilizing. If you aren’t, then I suggest getting started as soon as possible. The value that automated email marketing provides is immense when it is done correctly.

The goal of your email marketing efforts should be to provide value to your customers, but also help them in making a purchase or take an action that is positive for your business.

If you don’t have automated marketing setup already with your email marketing platform, then here are some ideas that will help you get the most out of these messages.

The Welcome Email Message

This is probably the most popular of all email marketing messages. The welcome email message is your first impression on a potential customer. This is the email message that is received when someone first signs up to your email list.

So, how does this help your email marketing automation efforts? Well, done correctly, this message can build trust and confidence within your customers. It also gives them a peak into your business and what your company is all about.

When setting up this message, make sure that it is aligned with your company’s values and goals. Let your new potential customers know that they are going to receive a great amount of value by being subscribed. It is also a great idea to let your customers know what your website URL is along with social media accounts. I would try to not hard sell your new lead in the welcome email, if possible. I’ve noticed that this can be a huge turn off unless they are already warmed up to your business.

Other than that, provide some good content and info regarding your business. Just let them know that you are here to help them and provide value.

Automated Product (or Service) Campaigns

This series of emails is for the products and services that you offer. The goal of the automated product (or service) campaign is purely to sell what your business has to give.

The main benefit of making these automated email series selling campaigns, is that you can do the work upfront and schedule them to send over time. I’m a huge fan of doing the work up front and then scheduling them while you prioritize and perform other tasks.

This is one of the keys to the idea of “passive income”, you can do the work now and other things later. This type of email campaign can literally “sell while you sleep”.

The Value Email Message

Here is the most important of all automated email messages.

These should make up a majority of your automated email marketing efforts. Your value email messages are strictly created to provide value of inspiration to your potential, or current, customers.

There should be no hard sales efforts in these emails. These emails do lead to future sales, and builds trust, in the long run.

Use weekly scheduled informational emails to provide value to your email marketing list. Pick topics that revolve around your business and offer free tips, advice, information, etc. This shows your subscribers that they can trust you.

The main goal of email marketing automation is to build value within your list and make sales while doing so. If done right, it can be a huge help to your marketing efforts. You want to build a strong list of people that are interested in what you have to offer. By creating scheduled email marketing automation campaigns, you will weed out the people that aren’t into your products/services and retain those that are.

Remember, the people who obtain the most value from you WILL be loyal customers and they WILL buy eventually.

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